My Go To Salad Dressing

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I love my salads. I shy away from store bought dressings as most are loaded with sodium and/or calories. Once in a while I'll cheat and treat myself to Cesar dressing. If I'm in a big rush I'll use a store brand vinaigrette that isn't too bad calorie or sodium wise but this dressing is pretty quick to make.

I eyeball everything. There are no measurements everything is to taste.
  1. Extra virgin oil.
  2. Balsamic vinegar.
  3. Fresh garlic - I buy jarred garlic that's already chopped.
  4. Italian seasoning.
  5. Fresh cracked black pepper,
  6. Red pepper flakes (sometimes).
Usually I make this on the fly. I put the lettuce and whatever else is going in the salad in a bowl then dump in the dressing ingredients and toss to get them distributed throughout the whole salad.

I bought this fancy salad dressing container a couple years ago but have never used it. I'm thinking about figuring out the right proportions and making the dressing for a week at a time.

dressing container.PNG

Do you make homemade salad dressing? What's your recipe?
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My family likes sliced up cucumber up in vinegar and salt. 1 large English cucumber peel left on if desired, 1/4 cup to about a 1/3 cup vinegar and salt to taste. Set in fridge for about an hour. Serve as snack, or a side of vegetable. My family also so likes low fat Miracle Whip salad dressing cucumber sandwiches. I like the regular Miracle whip cucumber sandwiches.