What Does Everyone Do For Fun?

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So what does everyone do for fun?

I enjoy listening to music a whole lot. Whether it's blasting my home stereo after the post office closes, taking a nice cruise with the tunes blaring, or standing on my porch at night enjoying an iced coffee or Jack with honey with my headphones on. I'll take music anyway I can get it.

I love nature so anytime I can get out in nature is a fun time for me. Even if it's just sitting on a park bench watching the birds fly around. Along the lines of nature, swimming is also another one of my favorite past times weather permitting.

Strolling through towns is another one of favorite things to do. Whether it's walking down Main St. in one the numerous small towns around me or walking down a city street. I love looking at old buildings and homes. Plus I nearly always find someone to chit chat with which ties into me loving to meet new people and hear their stories.

One of my favorite things to do is hang out with friends. There's nothing better than having coffee or a couple of beers with people that know you so well they can most likely finish your sentence.

Tinkering with computers is another one of fun past times but that's turned into more of my job lately so I don't tinker as much in my off time.

I guess its' no secret that I fall a just a *tad bit* on the geeky side so I'll admit that I also love learning. I like to learn stuff hands on (mostly by watching others do) but I also do pretty well reading a book or website to learn a new skill.

There's a lot of other stuff I do for fun but I cannot think of it off the top of my head so I'll leave off here.

What about you what do you do for fun?
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I am a reader. I read biographies of important people (a lot of business people, historical figures, athletes). I like to read psychology stuff (The Power of Habit) and whatever else. Not much on fiction anymore. I have become an exerciser in the last year. I surf YouTube. I need to get out more after reading this. lol