Member List Cleaned Up - No post members deleted

Dan The Man

Da Big Guy
Staff member
Hi Folks,

I've been wanting to relaunch this site for quite a while. We've been online 4.5 years and I've done little to drum up activity in the last 3 or so. BGLW has been one of those things that winds up taking a backseat to other work that is on piled on my plate. As a start I pruned (deleted) about 200 members that registered and never posted. There were most likely bots. No accounts that have made posts were removed.

I'll also be locking down permissions so new members cannot edit their profile or make profile comments until they make a few posts as this is a common spam tactic. A bot will sign up and put a URL in their profile just for the back link. Moderators are none the wiser as we rarely look at profiles.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions simply reply.