Meet Angie


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Hi Dan, Yay! Am in here. I deleted my question cuz its late. I wasn't thinking straight. I see Angie is part of this forum. So adorable.

Dan The Man

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Angie is Pussycat name right ?
Yup, that's her name. :) I love her to death but she's been a major pain in the but lately. She seems to go in and out of heat every few weeks all so does is meow, coo, and call all day and all night. It's enough to drive me insane, lol. We're working on getting her spayed that should fix her craziness.
Oh you made this forum so easy to edit and delete love it, because soemtimes I make lots of silly mistakes. Especially when Iam up so late like this.
I'm glad you like it. I'm generally pretty liberal with edit times and such unless it causes problems down the line I don't see it changing anytime soon.